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JP-S589387-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, JP-S5894633-A: Method of fixing bush to housing patent, JP-S5894640-A: Electromagnetic granule type clutch patent, JP-S5894684-A: Water flow controller patent, JP-S5895385-A: Character generation patent, JP-S5895668-A: Adhesive for non-oxide ceramics and adhesion patent, JP-S5895976-A: Digital phase control circuit patent, JP-S5896070-A: 8-hydroxyquinoline derivative and its preparation patent, JP-S5896171-A: Apparatus for controlling exhaust gas recirculating ratio of self-ignition type internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5897273-A: Combination battery device patent, JP-S5897846-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S5898127-A: Method for controlling injection of ammonia gas in stack gas denitrating apparatus patent, JP-S5898671-A: Oscillating swash plate type variable volume axial piston pump patent, JP-S5899155-A: Additive for hydraulic cement composition patent, JP-S5899338-A: Label dispenser patent, JP-S59101594-A: Vane pump patent, JP-S59102348-A: Method and apparatus for separating slaughtered poultry patent, JP-S59102430-A: Device for producing mixing element patent, JP-S59102720-A: Conveying and assorting device patent, JP-S59104659-A: Electrophotographic sensitive body patent, JP-S5910612-A: Formation of foundation pile with multidirectionally expandible anchor on its top and structure thereof patent, JP-S59106448-A: Production of isocyanate patent, JP-S5910752-A: Engine throttle valve controller patent, JP-S59107752-A: Device for producing fine metallic wire patent, JP-S59108146-A: Apparatus for digitally multiplying digital signal by coefficient patent, JP-S59108445-A: Manual testing device for potical fiber subscriber line operated by bidirectional transmission wavelength multiplexing system patent, JP-S59110001-A: Pickup controller patent, JP-S59110445-A: Die holder for forging press patent, JP-S59110598-A: Floral pattern cutter for boiled egg patent, JP-S59110732-A: Method of annealing of hot rolled steel strip of ferrite or martensite type stainless steel patent, JP-S59112471-A: Sheet jacket patent, JP-S5911289-A: Heat-sensitive recording material patent, JP-S59113758-A: Flat motor patent, JP-S59114325-A: Soot and smoke preventer for diesel pile hammer patent, JP-S59117036-A: Electric fuse element patent, JP-S59117274-A: Manufacture of solar battery patent, JP-S59117289-A: Universal printed circuit board and method of producing patent, JP-S59117447-A: Treating method of coil of motor for refrigerator patent, JP-S59117911-A: Inner wire for control cable patent, JP-S59118082-A: Purification of superoxidic gymstase due to affinity chromatography patent, JP-S59119215-A: Flow rate detector patent, JP-S59120204-A: Improved extraction region tray patent, JP-S59120984-A: Integrated circuit for clock patent, JP-S59121769-A: Incandescent bulb and method of producing same patent, JP-S5912182-A: Electromagnetic pump patent, JP-S59121903-A: Single-phase transformer patent, JP-S59122276-A: Optical image forming device patent, JP-S59122729-A: Slightly pressurized fuel gas turbine patent, JP-S59122868-A: Cascade-turbo helium refrigerating liquefier utilizing neon gas patent, JP-S59123576-A: Method and apparatus for supplying and recovering container pan in classifier patent, JP-S5912519-A: Switch unit patent, JP-S5912739-A: Drum type mixer patent, JP-S59128511-A: X-ray photograph observing device for doctor's round of visits patent, JP-S59129176-A: Printing system of electronic register patent, JP-S59129376-A: Starting wiring device for motor in cereal grain drier patent, JP-S59129883-A: Developing device patent, JP-S59129927-A: Azimuth measuring device of magnetic head patent, JP-S5913000-A: Color picture pattern formed molded soap and production patent, JP-S5913016-A: Stirrer for molten metal patent, JP-S59131518-A: Formation of amorphous silicon film patent, JP-S59131998-A: Voice synthesizer patent, JP-S59132632-A: Assembling method of semiconductor element patent, JP-S59132684-A: Manufacture of metal insulator semiconductor structural solar battery patent, JP-S59133188-A: Elevator patent, JP-S59133221-A: Heat resistant polyarylate patent, JP-S59134118-A: Core paper inserting unit device patent, JP-S5913579-A: Welding method of copper and copper alloy having high strength and high conductivity patent, JP-S59136399-A: Liquid detergent composition patent, JP-S59136489-A: Chromium plating method patent, JP-S5913919-A: Mehtod for measuring liquid level patent, JP-S59140296-A: Coal/alcohol mixture patent, JP-S59140484-A: Graphic character pattern generator patent, JP-S5914121-A: Magnetic head for detecting of head clogging patent, JP-S59142711-A: Magnetic layer memory patent, JP-S59144718-A: Antibacterial agent patent, JP-S59145212-A: Modified phenolic resin composition patent, JP-S59146560-A: Porous glucomannan giving meat-like elasticity to food patent, JP-S59147793-A: Gravity welding rod patent, JP-S59149272-A: Forming method of yarn tubing patent, JP-S59149716-A: Protecting relaying device patent, JP-S59150941-A: Air-fuel ratio controlling apparatus for electronically controlled engine patent, JP-S5915152-A: Metal pipe patent, JP-S59151750-A: Battery patent, JP-S59152011-A: Reamer patent, JP-S59152183-A: Storage vessel for liquid patent, JP-S59152200-A: Device for supplying and recovering liquid patent, JP-S59152662-A: Ic for photosensor patent, JP-S59153033-A: Heating apparatus patent, JP-S5915336-A: Receiving device patent, JP-S59153691-A: Controller of marine main engine patent, JP-S5915404-A: Production of maleimide copolymer patent, JP-S5915441-A: Vulcanizate of olefin rubber composition patent, JP-S59154858-A: Path connection confirming system patent, JP-S59155252-A: Automatic excretion treating device patent, JP-S59155295-A: Control apparatus of clothes dryer patent, JP-S59157093-A: Production of butylphosphonic acid mono-n-octyl ester patent, JP-S59158111-A: Demodulation circuit patent, JP-S5915838-A: Method and apparatus for measuring viscosity of high pressure fluid patent, JP-S59158903-A: Combustion apparatus for granular fuel patent, JP-S59159098-A: Method of drying radioactive waste processing device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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